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Native Planet is a small and unique non-profit organization. The scope of our projects is surpassed only by our long-term goals, yet we operate with a very limited budget. We have no overhead and virtually no administrative costs because Native Planet is managed by a small team of dedicated volunteers. Still in our infancy, we havenít yet received much support from larger NGOs or companies, but we offer our corporate sponsors an opportunity to make a difference in todayís world while benefiting from a relationship with an NGO that is rapidly becoming a leader in its field. Please view our Corporate Partners and contact us. We look forward to establishing a mutually beneficial relationship with you.

Large, well-established NGOs will benefit from our unique projects, factual and exciting cultural and educational content and our outstanding Internet visibility. We can utilize your expertise in your area of specialty, as well as the media exposure you can provide for the indigenous communities with whom we work. Local NGOs working directly with traditional indigenous communities can utilize our international exposure, experience and contact network. In return, we can benefit from your expertise in the field and collaborate on the conception and implementation of common projects. Whatever your specialty, whether your scope is broad or focused, please view our Partner Organizations and contact us to discuss the possibilities of working together.

If you have a web presence and believe in Native Planetís cause, exchanging links will help each of us reach a greater audience. Visit our links and contact us if you would like to be included.



Protect the Mentawai Culture and help the Mentawai People empower themselves

See how Native Planet helps preserve what remains of traditional Mentawai culture as we aid its re-establishment.


The Uma, cornerstone of the Mentawai culture

Help us preserve traditional Mentawai clans by building uma community houses necessary for their relocation back to ancestral lands.

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