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The Mentawai Projects: Mission & Goals

In the rainforests of Siberut off the coast of Sumatra, Indonesia, the Mentawai exist within a society and a world that is determined to assimilate and exploit them. Native Planet offers support by helping to build umas so the traditional shamans and their clans can return to their ancestral lands ensuring their culture’s survival. In this continuing struggle, much more remains to be done:

  • Curricula taught in schools need to be secularized and made non-political.
  • Ecotourism income needs to replace logging revenues.
  • Jobs need to be created.

After extensive assessment, Native Planet has developed a strategy to empower the Mentawai and protect their land, society, rights and culture. This cultural tourism project utilizes the knowledge and experience from various NGOs, including Native Planet and the Mentawai-run Yayasan Citra Mandiri, as well as the participation of Mentawai guides and families. We invite everyone, from concerned individuals to corporations, to support the Mentawai.

The Mentawai people, their culture, and their lands all hang in the balance.


Protect the Mentawai Culture and 
help the Mentawai People empower themselves

See Native Planetís win-win strategies to help revive and re-establish the fast-disappearing Mentawai culture.


The Uma, cornerstone of the Mentawai culture

Help us preserve traditional Mentawai clans by building uma community houses necessary for their relocation back to ancestral lands.

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